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Many people have asked and myself included, Why Join ASLA? For a long time the running joke was because we got a magazine every month. Though, I knew there were benefits, I really saw it at last month’s meeting.

Last month my co worker and I (a new graduate from UNLV) went to the ASLA luncheon and by the end of the lunch he had a bit of a smirk on his face. After asking what’s going on, he laughed saying how it was funny how I knew everyone at the meeting.  Looking around the room, I realized I met a good chunk of them through ASLA.

How the Journey Began…

My journey started like many people as a student. I wasn’t very involved, an occasional lunch here and there, but that’s about it. A couple years after graduation, I received a frantic phone call from an old co-worker. We need someone to run for Secretary/Treasurer, would you be interested in running? After contemplating for about 30 seconds (they needed an answer right then), I said yes. I had no idea what I signed up for, no idea how to do this job, but I’d give it the old college try. It was a bumpy start, but 3 years later I passed on the Secretary/Treasurer to a newly graduated student.

And, It Continues…

In those 3 years, I made so many great friends and colleagues and volunteered for many events where I met even more people. Right after I stopped being Secretary/Treasurer, I received another phone call: Public Relations. I was told I would be flying to Washington DC to have all of us in one room. Once again, I had no idea what I was doing, but we’d give it another try. After arriving in a VERY hot and humid Washington DC I met a room full of great people, and many of them I still talk to. We had many many great ideas on how to get the word out on how great our profession really is. You walked out full of energy and inspiration for our profession. A year and a half later we all met again in Florida!

All our name tags at the PR Summit

All our name tags at the PR Summit in Florida

This January we all met up again in beautiful Florida. Many of the same people along with some fresh faces joined up for another very productive weekend. The flow and the energy in the room was amazing. A room of almost 50 people in your profession with passion for what they do, passion for what we have the possibility to do. We left energized, motivated and excited. As you many of you know, that is when we all took World Landscape Architecture month to the next level.

PR Summit

All of us together in Tampa Florida!

In the end, the real benefit for me for joining ASLA was the amazing people I have met, locally and abroad. If you are leery of spending that $300-ish to join, know that over time it will be worth it on all the connections you will find.

The other catch is… GET INVOLVED!

Want to know the other benefits? Check it out ASLA Member Benefits

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