Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Landscape Architects

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There is still time to make some New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s concentrate a little bit on our careers! Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Landscape Architects!

10. Pass a LARE Section

This process is long and drawn out. Feel accomplished by passing one exam this year… if you are feeling ambitious, shoot for 2 exams. Visit the CLARB website to find out how to get started. Also visit the ASLA LARE Prep website to get some tips on taking the exams.

CLARB asla-dark-logo

9. Stop. Walk Away. Clear Your Head.

We all know the world of deadlines and working late into the night. How often do you walk away from your desk for a few minutes and clear your head. I am very guilty of working all day, not taking breaks and even working through my lunch. This also means not looking at your phone. Give your eyes a break from staring at a computer screen. Stop. Walk Away. Clear Your Head. 

8. Read a new article once a day on your profession

There are so many websites out there that keep up with landscape architecture. Also, look into your local ASLA Chapter. These are just a very short list.

7. Improve your Work Environment

Though we don’t have a choice where we sit in our work place, we have a choice (hopefully) how to decorate it. Instead of being surrounded by grey boring walls, try adding a bit of your own style to your cubicle. By adding your own personal touch you can keep the creative juices flowing and creating a better work environment for yourself.


6. Attend a Jury at the local University

Best way to see the new talent coming into the work force is visiting your local university. Not only can you see the latest talent, the students will definitely benefit from your input on their projects. In my experience, not many students get any real world training before they graduate, so hearing from a professional can very helpful. Who knows, the professional may learn something from the student!

5. Become more organized

Between client meetings, deadlines, site visits, etc. Something may fall through the cracks. If your desk looks anything like mine, it is organized chaos at best. Keep alerts on your phones, have organized piles keeping projects separated. Every Friday, clean your desk so when you show up Monday it doesn’t seem so overwhelming!

messy desk


4. Visit an old project you completed

It’s great to get those photos after a project you designed is completed. But, don’t neglect those projects you completed years ago. Take updated photos, see the progress. How do people interact in your space? Did it turn out how you had hoped and planned? Learn from your past projects the good and the bad.

3. Get Outdoors!

Some of us spend a lot of time in our offices, make a priority and go outside. Your city has many outdoor amenities. Trails, Parks, National Parks, Botanical Gardens, etc. We have outdoorsy, creative jobs, get out there! Who knows you may get a flash of inspiration for a project!

View from the PR Summit in Tampa Florida

View from the PR Summit in Tampa Florida

2. Read a book!

Visit Product Reviews. They have a great selection of books on Landscape Architecture along with peer reviews. See if one interests you and crack it open!

1. Enjoy your career!

We have the opportunity to change our environment and how people interact with it. Enjoy that! Have fun!


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