LARE Take 2

| January 18, 2015 | 1 Comment

It has been quite a while since I have posted… Well the LARE (Landscape Architecture Registration Exam) took over my life for quite a while. And…. I am still not done. Turns out, I am very good at failing! In a few short days I find out the results of the Grading and Drainage portion of my exam for the second time. I check multiple times a day just in case they decide to post early. (We know that isn’t going to happen!)


Barely Failed… Or Almost Passed…

Turns out the first time I only missed by a few questions. Not sure what’s worse, failing by a few questions or bombing it completely. Knowing that I was so close gave me some comfort knowing I’m not so dumb in the world of grading and drainage but so close that I over analyzed a few questions that would have saved me lots of time and money! (Those of you on this journey know the cost is CRAZY to pass these tests!)


In the process of trying to pass this exam, I learned more in the studying for the test than the test itself. I actually read the entire Time Saver Standards about 4 times. Holy crapola, students should be reading this in college to learn the practicality of this profession. If you are looking to get your license, know this will be your bible and your life!

To some people this is very easy, for me not so much. Some how I let the flow of water intimidate me. No matter how much I study for that exam, I never feel like I will ever be ready. Close your eyes and pray!


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  1. Denci says:

    You are as dedicated as anyone could possibly be, You will pass this and all future exams,trials and tribulations with great dignity and ease!

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