Jogging vs Running

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I read the other day, the best way to annoy a runner is to call them a JOGGER! Not that jogging is bad, but it got me thinking…

What is the Difference Between a Runner and a Jogger?

According to Livestrong… “Running at speeds less than 6 mph” Some see jogging as just an occasional run to keep in shape while running is if you are training for a race. Excuse my french, but that is HORSE-SH!T!

When I started running 3 years ago, a GOOD day was a 12 min mile… 5 mph. Even then if you called me a jogger, I might have pummeled you! Getting up at 4:45 am in the dead of summer in Las Vegas to train for my first race, that isn’t a jogger, that is a determined runner.

Ask someone who just finished a race whether it be a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon who was slower than ‘6mph’ if they just jogged that race… I would duck if you do that!



3 years later, I average roughly a 9:30 mile, which in the definition I am a runner. But there are times where I start to slow down and drop to a 10:30 mile, does that mean in the middle of my 4 mile run at 5 am I am all of a sudden a jogger? HELL NO!

slow running


My New Definition of a Runner – What it takes!

Do you lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement?

Do you work up a sweat?

Do you need a shower when you are done?

Did you go faster than if you would’ve stayed in bed or on the couch? (though there are days where it feels like the couch could’ve beaten you! We have all had those runs!)



If you said YES to these questions, then you are a RUNNER!! Be proud of getting out of bed and off the couch!! Fast or slow, just move!

Feel free to add what qualifies as a runner! Determination, motivation… the list goes on!!!

In case you need a little motivation:

Run like someone called you a jogger

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