LARE Test 4 – Grading and Drainage

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About a month ago, we received our test results, and after 3 attempts I FINALLY PASSED!! I conquered grading and drainage!!

After 3 tries, I’d like to think I am inadvertently an ‘expert’ on this exam. Without talking about exact questions on the exam… there are a few added tips that helped me out quite a bit finally passing this beast.

First, my true understanding of contours, berms, swale, ridges, watersheds, etc was pretty poor. I ended up re-taking a grading and drainage class at UNLV. I was also introduced to this book:

Landscape Grading: A Study Guide For the LARE Grading Examination

This book by Valerie Aymer, was a great asset for passing the 3rd time. This was originally written to pass the old version of this exam. But the book begins by getting back to the basics of grading and drainage. It literally starts with rise over run. Explains, step by step how to do the problems. In the back of the book, are practice problems very similar to what was explained in the beginning (with the ANSWERS!) What really helped me was not only did she have the answers, but explained the method to the madness. I have many vignettes with the solution, but no clue how they got to this point. This way, the light bulbs turned on and I began to actually understand this subject.

Landscape Grading


This book very reasonably priced considering what Time Saver Standards cost, is a great book to add to your library.

Get Landscape Grading: A Study Guide for the LARE Grading Examination from Amazon. Amazon offers ‘Look Inside’ and you can get a little sneak peak before you purchase.

You know you live and breathe this subject when you look at sidewalks, railings, roads and all of your surroundings completely differently!

Take Note:

Contours, grading and drainage is just a fraction of this exam. Do not concentrate all your study time on this subject. They also test on specifications, contracts, details, etc. There is so much to cover in 120 questions, that this is just a small portion.

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