LARE Test 4 – Construction Specifications

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To conquer LARE Test 4, not only do you need to understand grading and drainage. But… there is so much more to study! CLARB isn’t going to make it that easy to get your stamp!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Construction Specifications! In our industry specs are a necessary evil to our drawings. It protects us professionally and allows the contractor to have more information on installing the project. Though sometimes reading them is as exciting as reading the dictionary we still need to know about it.

Working for a contractor, this subject was pretty easy for me, since I read specs all the time. This book helped me understand further what the test will have. It puts things in ‘Shavawn’ terms so I can comprehend them easier. This book is NOT on the recommended reading list from CLARB but is another great book to have in your library.

constructions spec book


Like I stated before, it isn’t a riveting, edge of your seat read, but you will read about what you will be tested on as well as information to help you in your career, even if you aren’t tested on it.

Amazon offers a ‘Look Inside’ before you purchase. The book is about $70, but if you don’t mind used, I saw it as cheap as about $20.00 Get Construction Specifications Writing

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